Who am I?

I’m Adam.  I’m just a dude.  And when I was young and growing up (I’m still awesomely young, btw) I experienced a lot of the same depression, and shyness, and total freaking lack of belief in myself that most every teen experiences.

I fucking sucked.

I was too shy, too depressed, too weak, and I hated my self and my life and most everyone because of it.

And one day, after the worst and most depression-filled year of my life, I realized that nothing would change unless I changed it; that my crappy life at 22 would be the same crappy life at 82 if I didn’t do something to change it. And so I did. And I share here the lessons and strategies needed for you to do the same – to become YOUR best self too.


Thanks for visiting.  Have fun reading.  And quit being your version of a loser.

 Adam, founder of The Last Broken Home


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