What the hell is The Last Broken Home?

The Last Broken Home is about becoming your BEST and most FREE and AWESOME Self…

…Damn where you’ve come from.

…Damn your lame or crappy family.

…Damn your lame or lack of friends.

…Damn what’s happened to you.

…Damn what’s been told to you.

…Damn what you’ve known or thought about your self to this point.

And so…

what’s a “broken” home?

It’s everything we learned and experienced in our youth that is everything of what hurts and limits us now.

Our family.  Our friends.  Our culture.  Our society.  Our religion.  Our experiences.

It’s everything that affected us negatively at that point in our lives when we were most impressionable; when instead of learning how to live and be our best self, we learned how to fear, and hurt, and give up.

Every home is a broken home.  Every home does some damage.

Because a home is more than just walls and paint.  And OUR broken homes are more than just the family who raised us, and the house we called our own.  It is EVERYTHING that has made us the broken people we have become, instead of the people the world once thought we would be.

And so…let’s FINALLY become the men and women we were MEANT to become.  Let’s make OUR home the LAST broken home.

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Who am I?

I’m Adam.  I’m just a dude.  I’m THAT dude on the right, actually.  And when I was young and growing up (I’m still awesomely young, btw) I experienced a lot of the same depression, and shyness, and total freaking lack of belief in myself that most every teen experiences.

I fucking sucked.

I was too shy, too depressed, too weak, and I hated my self and my life and most everyone because of it.

And one day, after the worst and most depression-filled year of my life, I realized that nothing would change unless I changed it; that my crappy life at 22 would be the same crappy life at 82 if I didn’t do something to change it. And so I did. And I share here the lessons and strategies needed for you to do the same – to become YOUR best self too.

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Thanks for visiting.  Have fun reading.  And quit being YOUR version of a loser.

 Adam, founder of The Last Broken Home

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