You Won’t Be Proud of Who You Were

High school is a shit show.  A chaotic time.  A scary time.  And so often a depressing time.  A time when – because of all that’s new we deal with, and all that’s unfamiliar we’re forced into – we become something else – something different than what our family has known, and what we had once thought of ourselves.

hard being in high school

And when you look back on who you were then (or are now if it’s the case), odds are…you won’t be proud of who you were…


The Saddest is the Most Beautiful

sad song

It’s probably my favorite place in the world, my favorite thing in the world.  Sitting in the dark of my room.  When all else is asleep.  When all else is quiet.  Headphones on.

Listening to something sad.  Something somber.  Something dark even…


You’ve Never Known a Person In Your Life

know a personWe like to think we know those closest to us, but do we really?  Do you ever really know someone, anyone?


Our Lives Are Like Vectors

people come and go

In an article a few months ago, I wrote how change is not only a part of life, but that life is defined by it.  Nowhere is this more obvious or true than in our relationships…


A Broken Family is Far Better Than a Broken Home

A lot of people make a big deal about divorce rates in the western world.  But simple logic suggests that the amount of legally failed marriages is far lower than the amount of actually failed marriages.  And I’d be willing to bet your money that the primary cause of this difference is children.

broken family

“We’ll stay together for the sake of the children.”

But, when is “for the sake of the children” no longer to the benefit of the children?  When is a family better off divided than united..?