The Advice I Found On My Gravestone

We get caught up in our problems; in what’s not going well for us or perfect for us.  We get caught up in all the little things that hurt us, and all the very big things we fear may ruin us.

Eckhart Tolle quoteBut what’s left of it all when there’s nothing left of us?  What’s left of it at all on the day we’re no more?  On my darkest days, I’m reminded of the words of Eckhart Tolle…


“There are two hundred million idiots, manipulated by a million intelligent men.” – Pablo Escobar

Life is Up and Down, Round and Round, and Journeys are Hard

The ups and downs; the round and rounds.  That rhymes, guys.  That rhymes and you know it rhymes.

life is up and downBut sometimes – the ups and downs – they just freaking suck


The Importance of Standing Up for Yourself

how to stand up for yourselfWhat’s the difference between the strong and the weak – between the actions, beliefs, and behavior of those of confidence and expectation, and those without?

And how is it, that my new favorite greeting is “Go f*** yourself”…?


The Timing is Right, The Time is Right Now

timing in lifeWas thinking recently about timing in life.   Because every person, at any given time, has no shortage of things they want or need to change about themselves, about their lives.  And with each we’re given a choice – a choice to act or to wait, to do or do nothing.

But how do we know if the time is right…