The Ghosts of Our Pasts

Sometimes your eyes see things they don’t believe, can’t believe.  Things they never thought they’d see, never wanted to see.

ghosts of our pastI saw a ghost.  A real, swear to the dude in the sky, ghost…


Having a *Single* Purpose in Life

More and more I’m convinced – that at any given period in our life, no matter how many responsibilities we may have, or how many goals we may reach for, there can only be one great purpose in our life – one life goal or passion pursued…


Coming Soon: World Peace, Free Money, and TLBH Video Articles

Sweet prize to those who guess which two aren’t actually gonna happen.  And laughter to those who think they’re actually getting a prize…


Trust Your Instincts

You’d never believe it, but I had a thought today.  It doesn’t normally happen to me.  Or like ever happen.  But today, as I sat at my desk waiting to take my lunch, I had a realization:

My stomach started to rumble (embarrassing), and it occurred to me how miraculous that is – like a serious, walk-on-water, miracle.  Lemme explain…


Your Parents Suck (Maybe), and Here’s Why

parents suckThere isn’t a depressed or struggling person alive who doesn’t think some part of their problems – some part of why their life is as it is, and they are as they are – is the fault of those that raised them.  Cause in a world where so many struggle with esteem issues, and confidence issues, and love issues, the easiest to blame are also the most obvious to blame: their parents.

Because they “suck” they say.  And maybe they’re right…