When Doing The Right Thing is The Most Difficult Thing

doing the right thing

Maybe nothing’s more difficult than simply doing the right thing, doing the honest thing, doing the noble thing.  Especially when the selfish thing is so often the easiest.

It was Abraham Lincoln of all people who once said something that I will never forget…


How an Emperor Saved My Life

When I couldn’t take my life anymore – as it was, and as it was becoming obvious it could only become – like most people, I looked for answers.  And in the books I read, and the sources I sought, I found more help than I had ever gotten before.

accept whatever comesOne book was especially helpful, especially life-changing.  In it was a passage that I remember still today.  Something I’ll always remember, from the philosopher, and emperor, Marcus Aurelius…


The Helplessness You Learn, The Choice You Make

Helplessness isn’t just something you bring home after a crappy day at school, or work.  It isn’t the kind of thing you wake up with out of nowhere.  It isn’t a passing spell of the heart or mind.


No.  It’s something more…


Why Finding Your Birth Parents Won’t Help You Find Yourself

Who am I?  Where do I come from?  I think, maybe, it’s these questions above all others that haunt those people who grow up without a mother or father – adopted, or abandoned.

finding birth parents

And though they’re perfectly normal and understandable questions to ask, I think their obsession with it overlooks something important, something huge…


The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

The “worst parent in the world”.  It’s a honor far too many seem to be trying for, it seems.

i feel helpless

Today I read the story of a mother and son.  And although it angered me, and though this boy has surely endured hell, it also reminded me…that no one’s ever truly helpless…