Your Life is Meaningless and Short

What’s the meaning of life, sage reader?  Why are we here?  Why are we important?  Or are we important at all?  It’s not a test, of course.  I don’t know either, obviously.  I’m just a guy.  But I can’t help but think about it sometimes…

life is meaningless


Life (When You’re Gainfully Employed Amongst Zombies)

life is routineAnd here I thought zombies didn’t exist.  I thought they were the things of science fiction and crappy horror movies.  Little flesh-eating monsters.  Creatures of the night.

No.  Not at all apparently.  They’re dudes in suits and ties.  They’re everyone really…


How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go

how to forgiveForgiveness might be the hardest thing.  When you’re hurt.  When you’re wronged.  When they’re deserving of your contempt, your hatred, your vengeance.



Why You Are Destined for Depression

Life is tough.  That shit should be obvious.  Sometimes it even kinda sucks (shocker).  But, are we really destined for pain and sadness (like some emo singer might say)?  Is pain really inevitable..?

depression is inevitable


One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds

create your realityWhat does daydreaming say about the world?  You’d probably say “nothing”, right?  I would have too, back in the day.  That is, until I realized something odd, as I watched some dude in class get his name called over, and over, and over again without him noticing at all.

The weird thing is…daydreaming doesn’t say much about THE world.  But it says a lot about YOUR world…