Why Parenthood Ends When Childhood Ends

There was a conversation I had once with my mother a few years ago.  I don’t even remember it exactly.  But, I still remember what it taught me.

parenthood ends

In a lot of ways, it wasn’t unusual at all. Except that, for some reason, it led me to realize something very important about the relationship between a child and their parents that (I think) parents have such difficulty understanding – though it would help them tremendously in improving their relationship with their teens…


You Couldn’t Be Purposeless If You Tried

So I went on the internet for the first time today (absolutely believable).  And, apparently, a lot of young people aren’t doing all too great.

PurposelessYeah.  It seems that a lot of young dudes and ladies are a bit confused about their lives.  Kinda lost.  Kinda aimless.  Kinda “purposeless”, they say…


No(body) Lasts a Day

The other day I read this article online – some daytime talk show type lamentation (sick word) about how men just don’t change or some crap like that.  I dunno, really.

do people change

It got me thinking, though about the ways we really do change; that so few seem to consider at all…


You Don’t Deserve Anything (Until You’re Someone Who Deserves Something)

what you deserveSo often we look at our lives, at our Selves, and – disappointed – we think or say…”I deserve better”.

But is it true…?


Life is Supposed to Be Hard

Good times are great.  But, as we all know, they don’t last forever.  Cause the truth is life has a way of – in poetic terms – punching you when you’re smiling, and kicking you when you’ve hit the ground.  The jerk….

Life is hardGuess what, though?  Life’s supposed to be hard…