Why Your Mom Brings Home Trash

As if some homes weren’t messed up enough – as if some broken homes weren’t broken enough – some mother’s just seem to, every day, make things worse and worse – through their immaturity, through their through their selfishness, by their poor judgment.


By bringing home losers.  By bringing home jerks, assholes, complete and total trash….


MindBodyGreen: 5 Things NOT to Do in Life

MindBodyGreenYesterday MindBodyGreen published an article of mine.  Obviously, don’t know what these guys are thinking.  I mean, let’s be serious…I can barely write.  Anyway, check it out.  It’s called “5 Things NOT to Do in Life”.  It’s certifiably rad.  Enjoy and share the not-so-wise-wisdom.

You Have 30 Days to Succeed

What do you think you could do in 30 days, or 45, or whatever arbitrary number you might name?  What do you think you could accomplish that you’ve told yourself that you can’t do, or are not yet ready to do just yet?

do not succeedTHIS is gonna be a different kinda post than you’re used to…


How to Look Like a Bear, But Feel Like a Beast

Actually, working no office job has its disadvantages.  There’s a lot of boredom, and – nowadays – when I get bored, I get adventurous.

change your lookAnd so this is the ultimate guide on how to change your look, and not give a shit what others think of you…


Your Standard, Cliche Memorial Day Post

Tis Memorial Day.  For most around the country, it’s just a celebration of the start of summer.  Time, then, to get my abs in check, and my tan on point (as if either of those really needed work anyway, let’s be serious).

Memorial Day, by Andi WolfeBut Memorial Day is supposed to be a day to remember the dead who have fallen in service to our country.  And so for many, memorial day is a little bit more than just hot dogs and potato salad…