“All I wanted was a single thought in my head that was mine.” – O’Brother, “Lo

The Simple Math of Change

Maybe imagine something for just a moment.  Imagine that you could – simply because you want it – be what you want.  Anything you want.

one percentIt’d be sweet wouldn’t it – to be whatever you wanted, as soon and as easily as you wanted it – cooler, fitter, richer, freer, happier?  In a day.  In a moment.  At our whim.


“Very few of us are cruelly and greatly wronged.  It is the small blows to our self-esteem, the indignities, the little jolts to our vanity, which cause half the heartaches in the world.” – Frank S. Hogan

This Blog is [Mental] Masturbation

Luckily for me, a lot of people who find the site take the time to write me.  Most are simple thanks.  Some, though, are from people struggling, looking for advice on what they should do to get better in life or fix whatever problems they have.

Mental MasturbationDon’t they know, though?  This blog is just my own kinda masturbation (that’s right, we use potty words round here)…


“A man who surrenders his value is at the mercy of anyone’s will.” – Ayn Rand