This is Adam’s site.  And on this site Adam will talk to you like he’d talk to his best friend.  NOT like we’d talk at some job interview-of-a-lifetime or something.  Or like they talk in the stuffy textbooks that you wouldn’t touch if you invented a machine designed for the sole purpose of touching stuffy textbooks (genius, right?).

This means I will sometimes drop a potty-mouth word or two (can’t wait!).  Cause, let’s be serious, sometimes a sentence needs “fuck” in it (or something of equal chivalrousness) to get the REAL emotion across.

Such words are not meant to offend, and aren’t dropped for the purpose of being vulgar or a total meanie.   And let’s be serious…life can be much more cruel, and messed up, and offensive than ANYTHING I might say here.  Thick skin, then, is a good thing to have.

But if that’s not your style, then whatever.

My hope instead is that this site is honest.  I hope it’s the kick in the ass you need.  I hope it’s more true than PC, more real than PG.

This site is the resource I wish I had had in my youth.  No sugar-coating.  No bullshit.

There’s no shortage of sites, of course, that will tell you what you think you wanna hear – the same old shit everyone says…

“Be positive.”

“Cheer up!”

“Tomorrow’s a new day…”

This site isn’t that.

Hopefully it’s a bit better.



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