Life is Supposed to Be Hard

Good times are great.  But, as we all know, they don’t last forever.  Cause the truth is life has a way of – in poetic terms – punching you when you’re smiling, and kicking you when you’ve hit the ground.  The jerk….

Life is hardGuess what, though?  Life’s supposed to be hard…

Most don’t wanna hear that, though.

They wanna keep hoping that something can take the problems away, can take the struggle away; that enough success, or achievement, or self-help will make life all sunshine and happiness; that once all they want comes to pass, the sun will forever rise with a big smiley face, and they’ll hop and skip under rainbows all day, and the squirrels and rabbits of the forest will stop them to say “Good morning” and bring them berries and fruits or whatever.

[Sorry. I was just watching a children’s cartoon.]

Anyway, they kinda, sorta, in the back of their mind just wish life was that fairytale; that things would just…finally…be…easy.


Life is hard.

Shit happens.  And in a world that is forever changing, all that’s good and awesome about the conditions of your life won’t last forever.  And – in most cases – they won’t even last much longer.

That’s reality…

That’s life.

But what’s so freaking important to remember is this:

Life shouldn’t be easy.

It shouldn’t be smooth.

It shouldn’t be effortless.

And you shouldn’t expect it to be.

Life is supposed to be hard.  It has to be, or else we’d all be awesome, we’d all be successful, we’d all be the same.

The world, though, needs some way to differentiate us – to separate the strong from the weak, the capable from the incapable, the deserving from those who are not.

It needs some way to weed out those better people from those lesser people; those who don’t give a shit if it’s hard cause they’re gonna do it anyway, from those who expect it to be easy cause they need it to be.

It’s we who need these challenges, though.  We need stuff that hurts us, kills us, shakes us to our core.  We need the things that forever kill the idea that this world is a place where we don’t need to try, or learn, or improve to get what it is that we want.

Fate demands it.  Evolution requires it.

Cause a world with challenges creates a world with real successes, real achievements, real heroes.

Because those who make it anyway – despite the shit thrown at them, done to them, and said about them – are those who truly earned their awesomeness, their better Self, their happiness.

Your shit shouldn’t be easy, then…

…because without those challenges, you have nothing by which to measure yourself, nothing by which to learn and improve and grow, nothing to strive towards or hope to become – in a world where everything comes easily.

And so…life is supposed to be hard.

But we needn’t make it difficult.

We needn’t get so pissed or so down that we’re given the challenges that will try us, and the disappointments that will improve us; that we’re given exactly what we deserve, though we don’t believe it, and exactly what we need, though we don’t yet know it.

We needn’t be so depressed that life is life, and it’s giving to us what it gives to us all

The opportunity to be better.

The chance to be our better Selves.


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5 Responses to Life is Supposed to Be Hard

  1. Marco Antonio Polo Ospino says:

    hi Adam, its been a long time since I saw your last blog on what most villains teach about being oneself. I really enjoyed reading all off them, so its time to seek some wisdom again. cuz theres some valuable lessons i can use to become my best self.

    I ll have a look on this one too.

    Peace out bro, and have an awesome week.


    • Adam Austyn says:

      I know. Totally been a long time! Been working on some other stuff and been a damn awful poster to the site, haha. Thanks for the patience though, (and the use of bro, which I use allllll the time and reminds me of home, haha).

      Later dude!

  2. Marco Antonio Polo Ospino says:

    what up adam

    This is Marco again and I want to share with you a quote by Norman Scwartzkopf. in my opinion I Think it sums up the diferences that exist between a person driven by a desire for improving oneself and another one who doesnt have the balls to step out the confort zone.

    Here you ‘ll see the clasical example of winner vs loser. Also depicts perfectly why some people have guts to make a difference while Others just conform with the existing patterns.

    A winner is part of the answer .
    A loser is part of the problem.
    The leader solves the problem.

    A winner always has a plan.
    A loser always makes excuses.
    A leader takes the iniative.

    A winner says “it can be difficult but it is possible”
    A loser says “it can be possible but it is difficult”
    A leader says “all is possible”

    A winner says “let me do it for you”
    A loser says “thats not my job”
    A leader says “follow me”

    • Adam Austyn says:

      Nice dude. Def a perfect example. And love that you’re out there looking for more and more stuff to inspire ya. Awesome…

  3. tracy abernathy says:

    I for one thing disagree with the article I don’t, t believe life was ment to be hard. Just look at the rich they don’t, have it hard they do not have to work a job for money. They have cash flows working for them their children never have to struggle and learn things the hard way like middle-class and poor people and their kids do. I think taxes are why life is hard forcing people to work all their life. Also, it forces people who can stay home to have to go back to work.

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