Quotes from The Last Broken Home concerning change, both in ourselves and the world generally, in our lives and how we live them.


“There is a point where the pain of continuing whatever life we live, in whatever circumstance we live it, becomes simply too much to bear; where waking another day as we have woken every day becomes the last thing we will ever accept again.”

– The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

“There exists within us all the leverage to change whatever in our lives we determine requires it.”

– The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

“When we’ve reached the point of “no more;” when what has been our only option becomes a non option, realize then that all possibilities are now open to us, because all possibilities are preferable to what we now have.  That’s emotional leverage.  That’s realizing that helplessness ends where choice begins.”

– The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

“Take a single step – any step – towards change.  Each step from the present you now hate is a step towards the future you now desire.  When the problem is bad enough, when the situation is unbearable enough, when what was once unfathomable becomes reasonable, and what was once scary becomes necessary, the most difficult choice becomes easy.”

– The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

“Leverage makes it possible, because every scale has a tipping point.  When that point is reached, when you reject, completely and forever, what you now endure, then all that scared you previously – all the obstacles, all the hindrances, all the problems that lay between you and the future you want – become as ant hills next to mountains.”

– The Leverage to Leave the Most Broken Broken Home

“But wherever you are, in whatever condition you now live, with whatever obstacle now obstructs you…whatever reason you may have, it is not reason enough to be less than you are capable of.”

The Helplessness You Learn, The Choice You Make

“Know now that there exists someone somewhere who has endured all that you have and worse, yet has made of it more than you have ever dreamed possible.  Know that there are those who found the same pain and misfortune, yet saw only hope and opportunity.  Know that there are people who have never yet, and never will, let the world dictate their being; who believe with every cell of their body that they are, and have always been, ultimately responsible for their lives, their selves, their existence.”

– The Helplessness You Learn, The Choice You Make

“If each lives in his own world, then that world must be of his design.  To change my World, all I had to do was change myself.  Small changes in my beliefs, in my attitude, in my view of everything around me, yielded tremendous change to my World, to my reality.”

One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds

 “Situations change.  And over time – sometimes a lot, sometimes a little – the partner we’re with, or the friends we keep, or the places we live no longer suit our needs.  The job we enjoyed becomes the job we resent.  The person we see in the mirror becomes the person we can’t stand to see at all.  And everything that once satisfied us becomes nothing of what we need.  And as these things change, and as we change, it – at some level – becomes obvious to us: that what was once central to our life now has no part in our future.”

– The Timing is Right, The Time is Right Now

“You don’t wait for timing in life.  You make your own timing.  And when things have changed anyway – when the people in your life no longer contribute to it, or the friends you have no longer support you, or the place you live no longer provides a future you can endure – then the timing is right.  Right now.”

– The Timing is Right, The Time is Right Now

“Fear isn’t reason enough to prevent you from doing what you want.  It isn’t reason enough to not live your life.”

How Living at the Edge of My Comfort Zone, The Tip of My Fears Led Me to Wandering the Sahara

“You gain confidence through the knowledge that that which scares you is that which will improve you; that beyond what you think you can do is what you will be proud you have done; that if you can simply manage and survive this small thing, you will surely be able to manage and defeat the next small thing as well.”

– How Living at the Edge of My Comfort Zone, The Tip of My Fears Led Me to Wandering the Sahara

“What prevents you from making peace?  What prevents you from becoming friends?  What prevents you from simply being civil and understanding of a fellow person, as you deserve, and they deserve, and all deserve?”

When You Realize Your Friends Are Nazis, And You’re a Bully…

“We have such a strange relationship with change.  We both pray for it and fear it; hope for it and resist it.  It happens every day of our lives – to all we know and do not – but we just rarely, if ever, realize it – until it’s happened, until we see it, until it hurts.  And when it does, we wish it’d go away – to return at a time and place of our own choosing and control…as if it were responsive to our will, as if it were possible at all…”

The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“Though there are about 10 trillion things that can go wrong at any given time or point or period – whether it’s as complex as a relationship that ends, a job that disappears, a parent that leaves, or a friend who departs, or as simple as a new city, new home, new anything – it’s so not these things themselves we hate and fear, but what they bring.  It’s not what they do to us, or harm in us, or take from us – but of what happens because of them.  It’s not the things themselves at all, but their effect – that our or some situation will change, that our lives and selves must as well; that things will be…different.  And we don’t like different.  We don’t like change.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“We become used to anything that allows us to do nothing – that lets us live another day without doubt of what will happen, or fear of what may; certainty of who will be there for us, or certitude of where we’ll be; anything whose absence would force us to rely once more on ourselves and ourselves alone.  We don’t simply settle into inertia, we hope for it.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“All that endures in this world does so because of its ability to change.  Nothing in this world lasts forever – as it is now, as you know it now.  Not a thing.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“Find me a relationship, then, that does not end – by one’s decision, or both’s decision, or death’s decision.  Find me a job that does not end – by your decision, or your employer’s decision; by the market’s decision or by death’s decision.  Find me a tree whose leaves do not fall eventually, a work of art that does not end up as trash one day, a great and wonderful temple that is not destined to become rubble in time.  Find me a nation that has lasted from the first day to this day, a dictator who outlasted his people, a great inventor whose brilliant mind did not end up underground.  Find me a sun that does not fade, a world that does not decay, a galaxy that does not fall into itself.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“Realize that every day the sun rises above an earth that it has not seen, and sets upon an earth that it does not recognize.  Every morning you wake to a life you have not met, and fall asleep to a life you will never experience again.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“If there is any part of your life that you now consider indispensable and essential to your ability to be happy, realize that you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak.  Because it will change.  It will not last as you know it now.  It will not last.”

– The Epic Post On Change God Himself Would Write (If He Had Thumbs)

“Your life will change when You change it.  And your problems will be solved when You solve them.”

– This Blog is [Mental] Masturbation

“We live in a kind of magic pill society – “5 minute abs”, “5 easy steps”, “5 days to change your life” – where results are guaranteed in 30 days or your money back – where we expect results in 30 days or think it all to be failing, or not working, and demand our money back.  We live in world where most give up as soon as they encounter any difficulty at all – as soon as what they receive is not what they believe they deserve, or have earned, or have purchased fairly.  We have no patience for progress.”

The Only 1% in the World We Should Give a Damn About

“The more damaging your broken home, the more daunting the journey you must travel.”

– The Only 1% in the World We Should Give a Damn About

“Any one goal isn’t simply one thing to master at all, but a million little problems to encounter, a million little lessons to learn, a million little failures to learn from that the person who has experienced them, and learned from them, and mastered them knows and is familiar with.  But that those who simply dream of it – of doing it, or of achieving it, or of becoming it – almost always fail to recognize.”

– The Only 1% in the World We Should Give a Damn About

“But in a matter of life and death, do you think your excuses would matter? Do you think you’d let anything prevent you? Do you think those obstacles would still exist to you as something that mattered, as something that kept you from doing as you wanted or from trying at all – as they do now?  Don’t you think you’d do it?  Don’t you think you’d simply find a way?”

I Will Totally Murder You If You Do Not Succeed in 30 Days


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