Quotes concerning depression; it’s source, effect, and insanity.


“If there is a hole in your heart, it is because you opened it.”

Why Finding Your Birth Parents Won’t Help You Find Yourself

“Let go of the mental pain the actions of others cause.  Have empathy for your ex, your bully, your friends, your siblings, your parents.  Do not let people walk over you, but neither let them defeat you.  Refusal to do so enables those people you hate, their actions, their decisions, to rule and control your life still.  That day of hurt and pain is dead and gone.  You should be smiling now.”

How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go (and Be Way Holier Than Jesus)

“From adolescence onward, our list of worries grows far faster than our list of joys.  And as life goes on the tendency to count life’s negatives above life’s positives only grows stronger, as we become more aware of the things around us, and as we get drawn further and further into the adultness of life; into the inevitable problems that come with jobs, and relationships, and duties, and responsibilities.  We get caught up in life, and life slowly but surely gets on top of us.”

– The Life Changing Advice I Found On Your Gravestone (Courtesy Eckhart Tolle)

“We bury ourselves in problems.  We drown ourselves in them, and when we can no longer breathe – when the troubles and struggles we took upon ourselves suffocate us – life “sucks”, it seems.  Life becomes to us what the great majority of the world believes it to be…hard, sad, and lonely.”

– The Life Changing Advice I Found On Your Gravestone (Courtesy Eckhart Tolle)

“You carry the burdens of those you love – parents who may be struggling, a sibling who may be hurting, a friend who may be in need.  In your love for these people, and your desire to protect them, or help them, or save them, all of their problems somehow become your problems.  You stress over them and worry about them as if their problems were your own; as if you could do anything to solve the difficulties they endure, which very likely began outside of your control, and will remain outside of your control.  You hurt because of them, for them.”

– The Life Changing Advice I Found On Your Gravestone (Courtesy Eckhart Tolle)

“The sum of your pain is the difference between your reality and your expectations.”

Your Parents Suck (Maybe), and Here’s Why (Definitely)

“The usual depression of our teenage years, of our young adulthood – the belief we come to hold that we deserve to feel sad because of whatever misfortunes have happened to us, or obstacles have confronted us – is a luxury most can not afford.”

– Depression is a Luxury

“Because only in a place where depression generally has no right to exist can it so commonly exist in the minds of those who are raised and live there.  Only here can one look upon their life, with so many opportunities, and so many places to turn, and so many resources on which to lean, and find so much to be unhappy about.”

– Depression is a Luxury

“What we do matters.  How we live matters.  The depression we keep, or the lesser selves we accept, means something, matters something, leads to something.  And while we may never become a despot, or a dictator, or the murderer of millions – we may just become that which is most evil to ourselves and most opposite to our dreams; something that is, in every way, a betrayal of the vision someone once had for ourselves, and the hope they once had for our lives.”

I’m Going Back in Time to Save the World (I Just Need a Bag Lunch)

“We needn’t get so pissed or so down that we’re given the challenges that will try us, and the disappointments that will improve us; that we’re given exactly what we deserve, though we don’t believe it, and exactly what we need, though we don’t yet know it.  We needn’t be so depressed that life is life, and it’s giving to us what it gives to us all…the opportunity to be better.  The chance to be our better Selves.”

Life is SUPPOSED to Be Hard (I Know, Freaking Lame…)


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