The Mind

Quotes from The Last Broken Home concerning the mind; it’s effect of our selves, our beliefs, our way of life.


“How two people perceive the World – how they perceive “reality” – is dependent on their beliefs and experiences, their attitudes and judgments.  When those beliefs differ, the World itself differs.”

– One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds

“As you are now, with whatever Self you call your own, and in whatever state of mind you now exist, you have a certain inevitability, a certain destiny, a certain future that is linked to that type of thinking.”

The Single Greatest Reason You Are Destined for Depression

“When my fears of what would happen to me came to pass, my fears of what would happen in me came to life.”

The Single Greatest Reason You Are Destined for Depression

“I was weak of mind, with little to no internal strength.  With the beliefs I held about myself, and life, and all those around me, what I experienced was destined.  There was nowhere else that life could have led.  I was always heading towards that disaster, and if it didn’t happen then, it would have happened later, at the next crisis.”

The Single Greatest Reason You Are Destined for Depression

“Fear isn’t “conquered”.  It isn’t defeated.  It isn’t killed.  It’s never eliminated.  It’s simply ones reaction to a situation – independent of your past experiences, and experiences with it.  Independent of what you’ve done, or how far you’ve come.  It’s simply an emotion.  And nothing more.  Not the definition of who or what you are.  Not the measure by which you determine how far you’ve come, or how far you still have yet to go.  It doesn’t define you.  That it’s there means nothing.  That it remains means nothing.”

The Terrible Truth Everyone Should Know About Conquering Fear

“Maybe fear is necessary in life.  Maybe it isn’t.  But mostly, it just doesn’t matter.  It’s something that is always there in some form, to some degree, in some part of your life – a natural and normal thing in life then.  No different than gravity or death, and no more useful a thing to fight against than either.”

– The Terrible Truth Everyone Should Know About Conquering Fear

“You can end your fear of any particular thing.  But you cannot end fear itself.”

– The Terrible Truth Everyone Should Know About Conquering Fear

“When you have no confidence in yourself – when you have no trust in your self-worth or no doubt in your ultimate value – you come to think that someone’s always looking; that someone always cares; that someone’s always judging; that the how you look and how you appear on any single day means so much or is so much; that it matters at all.  And that’s the world you live in.  That’s the shit that runs through your mind constantly, as you walk down the street in your odd new look.  Or any look at all, right?  It’s a feeling that never truly leaves. The feeling of being watched, of being whispered about, or thought negatively of.  The idea that everyone has their eyes on you.  And that they don’t like what they see.”

How to Look Like a Bear, But Feel Like a Beast

“When I leave school, I leave school there.  And when I leave work, I leave fucking work.  And I’m happier cause I do so.  I don’t bring it home.  I don’t talk about it.  I don’t think about it at all.”

Quit Bringing the Devil Home With You

“The few and (very) short hours after work or school are all I have to myself – before I have to go back, before I have to endure another day there, before they have me again.  And when you do as most do, and come home talking about it, gossiping about it, angry about it, you turn an 8-hour job into a 24-hour job; an hour-long class into a day-long class.”

– Quit Bringing the Devil Home With You

“So long as our death is a distant thing, a mysterious thing, an unknownthing, our minds deem it an ignorable thing.”

What a [Death Row Inmate] Can Teach You About Being Yourself


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