The Past

Quotes from The Last Broken Home concerning the past, our histories, our memories, and their power to hurt and undue.


“To the greatest extent, we are the effect of the affect of our youth.  From our earliest days to this very day we have been shaped as the wind shapes the dune, sand by sand.  And like the sand, grain by grain we drift away.”

Explaining Teen Depression: The Effect of Broken Homes, pt. I

 “We suffer today because at our most impressionable age we were children.  We were born in dysfunction, raised in dysfunction, and thus live in dysfunction.  We are all the product of broken homes.  We all bear scars of our youth.”

– Explaining Teen Depression: The Effect of Broken Homes, pt. I

 “Forgiveness is a strange thing.  We demand apologies ALL THE TIME; from loved ones, from strangers, from companies, and from our children when they do wrong.  But we never truly accept them.  We never forgive.”

How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go (and Be Way Holier Than Jesus)

 “Forgiveness is not possible without empathy.  Fixing your broken home is not possible without empathy.  As a product of their own circumstances, as we all are, these people who hurt us became who they are and, given their circumstances and beliefs, could have been no other.  They are who you would be if you had learned what they learned, experienced what they experienced, and lived the lives that they live.  If you were these people, put in that same situation, having become the people they are because of the things they have seen, you would behave as they behave and think as they think.  You would do just as they have done.  You would do the exact same thing.”

– How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go (and Be Way Holier Than Jesus)

 “The truest forgiveness comes from the acknowledgment that there is nothing to forgive; that another’s words, another’s behaviors, another’s decisions have no effect on our well-being, no matter how painful it may seem at the time.”

– How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go (and Be Way Holier Than Jesus)

 “Forgiveness itself is useless.  Forgiveness can only exist where there is a victim.  You are not a victim.  Quit pretending to be one.”

– How to Forgive, Forget, and Let Go (and Be Way Holier Than Jesus)

 “If you expect more than one can give, you will surely receive less than you hoped.”

Why Finding Your Birth Parents Won’t Help You Find Yourself

 “Everything occurs as it is meant to because it occurred as it did; that whatever we may experience or encounter in life – the good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, by the hands of others or our own – is not only the right thing, but the best thing…to ourselves, our way of life, our very consciousness.  In everything that may happen lies an opportunity, a lesson not yet learned, a false belief to be shattered, a way to move forward.”

– How an Emperor Saved My Life

“And that’s how you see that you have changed – that the wave of fear, of dread, of relapse is but a ripple over the ocean – immovable, eternal.  Where before, that wave – any wave – was a tsunami over the straw and wood home that was your soul.”

The G-G-Ghosts of Our Pasts (I’m Creeped Out Already…)

“Memorial Day is to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Not of their lives, but of their Selves, I think.  Not simply of the bodies they call theirs, but their minds – their comfort, their ease in this world, and – to often – their very sanity.  It’s to honor their courage amidst the most terrifying of human experiences.  It’s to honor what these men and women have given of themselves and shown in themselves to endure what must truly be the most horrifying thing imaginable– war.”

Your Standard, Cliche Memorial Day Post (Or Not…)


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