07 | The Effect of [Society] on Your Self and Broken Home

We’re continue now our series on the Self, and how the many things around us shape us into what we have and do become (and thus form a part of our “broken home”).

And so today we discuss society.

And society affects us a ton, does it not?

Cause how else could so many millions of people be so similar from afar? How else could so many within a society be so different than those outside it?

How could so many people, with so many true differences, seem so…same?

That a people talk a certain way.

That they dress a certain way.

That they behave a certain way.

That they live a certain way.

That people in some places eat (what Americans would perceive as) nasty insects, and that’s normal, and they like it. And people in America eat something that (to us) seems so normal like peanut butter & jelly that little kids in some places would look at like: “what the fuck is that?”

That some cultures glorify the tall and thin as “beautiful” and desirable, and others the more curvy and filled-out.

That independence, and critical thinking, and willingness to voice your opinions are valued in some places. And conformity, and dutifulness, and being someone unnoticed, unsurprising, and predictable are valued elsewhere.

Society is all these things. And every thing else.

And so, so much of what we are is the result of who we are – our race, our nationality, our tribe, our tradition – and of the sex we are, in the region we live, from the society we call our own.

And these are things that can’t be avoided or run from. We can’t just stop receiving signals from the world on how we should act, or behave, or be.

You can’t turn off social conditioning – like some awesome switch of instant independence or some shit like that.

But to become your best self, you have to start examining what of you is you because it ought to be so, and what of you is you only because the world has told you it was so.

Beware of your opinions of yourself, then – that they’re not based upon standards seen in media, or report cards, or company evaluations or some crap like that.

Beware of your desires in life – that they aren’t just dreams dreamed cause you think others will think more highly of you, or that more people you don’t know will think you’re so freaking awesome.

Beware of the demands you place upon yourself, the pressure you put upon yourself, and the depression you accept within yourself – that you’re not beating yourself up cause of what you feel compelled by others to do or say or be.

Cause what society says means nothing but what you allow it to mean. And the expectations of others are nothing but what you want them to mean.

Screw society.

Be your better Self.



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