08 | The Effect of [Religion] on Your Self and Broken Home

Well, it’s been a loooong road. Shit’s been tough. Maybe we even lost a soul or two (won’t name names).

But! At long last, we’re gonna wrap up our little series on the individual parts of life that have affected what we have and do become.

The last part of our “broken home”.

Well…the last I’ll go into detail about here, at least. Cause I guess we could probably go on forever, right? I mean, the world is big, and life is complex and whatever.

But we’ll call it enough by discussing a huge factor in the broken selves that emerge from our youth…


Cause for way too many people, religion isn’t what it’s supposed to be. It isn’t what it’s meant to be.

It becomes, instead, just another hindrance to their better, freer self.

I’m not talking specifically about the religions themselves, of course, but of their application. Not of their teachings, but of their effect.

That they’re forced upon children who know nothing else.

That they’re used to scare, and judge, and control, rather than uplift, and comfort, and inspire.

That, too often, they don’t improve you. They prevent you.

It’s something I too struggled with for a long time.

You’re told and threatened to be one thing. But you’re just not sure. And so it’s a constant battle between your desire and guilt, between what you want to do and what you feel compelled to do.

And it’s tough. And you feel a bit lost and torn because of it.

The problem of religion, then, for your Self and broken home, lies in the fine line between conscious faith and blind fidelity. Between a religion given to you as a thing of duty, and one chosen by you as a matter of conviction. Between belief in a higher power, and the belief that He will simply provide for you, and therefore you needn’t take responsibility or blame for your life.

It’s in the fact that you can’t express yourself freely in dress, and words, and actions because it’s forbidden.

That you accept your lot in life as His will. Or curse His name because of your misfortunes, as if they weren’t deserved or fated regardless.

It’s that you can’t be your best and truest Self because of words in a book.

Religion is a question no one should answer for you. But neither is it one anyone should force upon you.

It is your struggle. And it’s one that everyone faces.

Everyone must determine their own beliefs and faith.

Everyone must, in their own way and time, come to terms with their God – whoever or whatever it may be.

Because religion has to work for You. Or it does nothing but hurt you.



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