One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds

create your realityWhat does daydreaming say about the world?  You’d probably say “nothing”, right?  I would have too, back in the day.  That is, until I realized something odd, as I watched some dude in class get his name called over, and over, and over again without him noticing at all.

The weird thing is…daydreaming doesn’t say much about THE world.  But it says a lot about YOUR world…

Think about it.  Daydreaming is kinda sorta weird, right?  Kinda odd how one can sit there awake and yet not-so-awake.  Kinda freakish the skills we have in avoiding reality.

What does daydreaming say about your world, though?

Well, to those that haven’t really contemplated the subject – The World is one place.  There is an Earth.  It is The World.  We, as people, exist in this single World.  We share its common reality.  There is one Earth, and one World.

Or so we tell ourselves…

But think of that student in class, staring out of the window, completely consumed by his attention in whatever thing is going on in his mind, as I’m sure has happened to all of us at some point in time.  Or probably too many.  After all, school isn’t all that exciting.

What does another student – actually focused on whatever useless crap the teacher’s talking about – say of the student staring out of the window, daydreaming about whatever?

“He’s in his own world.”

Think about it.

At that moment, do the two students truly exist in the same world?  Is the world not a very different place for them at that time?

Though they’re in the same room, only feet from each other, the same world does NOT exist for them.

One hears only the teacher, and all that exists at that time is the math problem they’re working on, or whatever thing they’re almost learning, and nothing else.

The other, though, hears not a single word of the teacher’s lesson.  All that exists to him – at that time, in that moment – is the bird on the tree outside, or the chest on the girl he’s thinking about, or the video game he can’t wait to get home to.

Daydreaming is an extreme example.  But think of ANY two people.

The blind man, the deaf man.  The social man, the lonely man.  The soldier, the pacifist.  Think of the rich man and the poor man, the strong man and the weak man, the man and the woman, the child and the parent.

Is not The World a very different place for these people?  Are not their worlds very different places.

Cause the world is what we think it…

How two people perceive the World, how they perceive “reality”, is dependent upon their beliefs and their experiences, their attitudes and their judgments.

When those beliefs differ, The World itself differs.

Imagine two people, then.  Imagine they could share the EXACT same circumstances in some parallel universe or something  – same family, friends, job, life.

One person believes the world to be an amazing and positive place, one where opportunities abound, where success is inevitable so long as he always moves towards his goal.

The other person, though, thinks the world is a dark and sad place, one where opportunity is saved for the lucky, the rich – every person not himself.  To him, trying is useless because failure is inevitable, and he never gets what he wants.  He’ll never have what others have or what he feels he deserves.

“Life is unfair,” he says.

I don’t care that their postal address is the same.  These people live in two different Worlds.  And though it may not be evident externally at that moment (when all circumstances are equal), but with those beliefs, I promise you…it soon WILL be.

What they think, they create.  What you think, you create.

We all live in different Worlds.  There is one Earth, and seven billion people.  Seven billion people, and seven billion Worlds.

This idea…

…helped me so much in life.

Cause if each lives in his own world, then that world must inherently be of his design.  To change my World, then, all I had to do was change myself.

And so, small changes in my beliefs, in my attitude, in my view of everything around me, yielded tremendous change to my World, to my reality.

Cause when my life sucked, my world sucked.  Or more accurately…when my world sucked – when my world was negative and sad, lonely and small – my life became the same.

The solution was simple.

I took responsibility for what I had created, and instead created what I wanted.

And my World has been better ever since.

Imagine The World you want to live in.  Because when you start to BELIEVE in it, you begin to build it, in the subtlest of ways every day.

In your world, you create the heavens and the Earth.  You have all the power.  You’re God.

And that’s way cooler than being a loser.


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