The Timing is Right, The Time is Right Now

timing in lifeWas thinking recently about timing in life.   Because every person, at any given time, has no shortage of things they want or need to change about themselves, about their lives.  And with each we’re given a choice – a choice to act or to wait, to do or do nothing.

But how do we know if the time is right…

We all deal with it.

Cause as life speeds on, situations change.

And over time – sometimes a lot, sometimes a little – the partner we’re with, or the friends we keep, or the places we live no longer suit our needs.

The job we enjoyed becomes the job we resent.  The person we see in the mirror becomes the person we can’t stand to see at all.  And everything that once satisfied us becomes nothing of what we need.

And as these things change, and as we change, it – at some level – becomes obvious to us: that what was once central to our life now has no part in our future.

The time is then right for change.

We know it.

We feel it.

But we’re afraid of what’s different; of the future we cannot predict, and the decisions we cannot so easily undo; of all that change might mean, and what a mistake might cost us.

So we tell ourselves: “I just need more time.  I’m not ready.  I wanna be sure.”

And so you wait, and wait, and wait.  You delay the inevitable.

And it is inevitable.

Because the situation has changed as your life has changed, and at your deepest you know that what has been and remains comfortable and familiar is not simply not possible anymore; that the life you lived for so long is no longer the life you can live any longer.

It’s different – for whatever reason, because of whatever cause.

And no matter how much you may wish it to be – to be as it once was, or still hope it to be – it just can’t give you the life you want – the one you need right now.

But you’re afraid, and so instead you wait for the right timing to come to you, as if tomorrow, or next week, or at any future point you’d feel any more comfortable doing the uncomfortable, as if your fears of failure or change would disappear suddenly, as if you’ll receive some literal message from the sky saying: “Today is the day.  Thanks for waiting.”


You don’t wait for timing in life.  You make your own timing.  And when things have changed anyway – when the people in your life no longer contribute to it, or the friends you have no longer support you, or the place you live no longer provides a future you can endure – then the timing is right.  Right now.

The decision was made for you anyway – by a fate you had no say in, by a life that changes – whether by our hands or not.

You just need to muster the courage to see it through.

And though you cannot predict what this change will bring, you have faith at least that you are doing what needs to be done, that when life forces you to adapt you’re able to adapt, that when your gut says “now” you’re able to meet whatever its challenge.

Cause if you can’t summon the courage to act when the answer so clearly lies before you, how will you ever do the same when the answer is unknown, when the most difficult questions require the most courageous actions?

The timing is right.

The time is right now.

The time is in your hands.

You just need a little bit of courage.

You just need to do as you already know you need to do.


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