Life (When You’re Gainfully Employed Amongst Zombies)

life is routineAnd here I thought zombies didn’t exist.  I thought they were the things of science fiction and crappy horror movies.  Little flesh-eating monsters.  Creatures of the night.

No.  Not at all apparently.  They’re dudes in suits and ties.  They’re everyone really…

The following is a verbatim exchange I had with a stranger at work as we both walked towards the elevator.  Be prepared.  It’s pretty dense.

Him: “How are you?”

Me: “Hey.”

Him: “Good.”

I know.  Thrilling, right?  Like Einstein and Hawking might discuss.  Really deep level shit.

Except not.

Not at all.

My first thought after that little conversation was: “Wait…what?”

I paused and shook my head at how ridiculous it had been.

I laughed even.

Cause that man had clearly had NO mental recognition of what I had said.  None.

But neither had I really processed what he had said.  We were both guilty really.  Both totally mindless.  Both so completely lost in our own little worlds that just trying to say hello in passing made us look like complete morons.

Stupid even.

We all do it though.

We all – all-too-often – simply walk around, through the daily routine that is our life, so consumed in our little thoughts, and in our little plans, that we’re completely oblivious to what’s actually happening around us; to the world we literally engage at every moment of our day.


Occasionally – almost miraculously – we somehow drag our bodies to the restroom, as I did, or wherever else and encounter another person – also so completely inside their head that they too are like zombies in the day.  We then mouth our little scripts on cue, our “how are you’s” and “hey what’s up’s”, and stick to that script regardless of whatever may actually be said in return.

We live on autopilot.  People set to “exist”.  People programmed to make it through the day and little more.

It’s probably a logical response…

…to the monotony that’s become our average day – where schedules solidify our time, and work numbs our minds.

We exist by schedules and routines.

The school day does it to us.  The workday does it to us.

But mostly, we do it to ourselves.  We allow it.

We do so few new things that we’re able to memorize our days, and we memorize our days to such detail and precision that we’re able to remove our attention from them.  We’re able to survive from rise-to-rest with very little use of our attention.

We make every new day old and boring.

We let our muscles do the work that our minds was meant for.


We should be aware of our surroundings, though.  We should treat each interaction as a human interaction.  We should snap ourselves out of our little stupors, and see what’s around us.  We should break our routines, and kill the monotony.



We should make every experience something experienced.

We should be mindful that we’re alive when we’re awake.

We should remember that to be a zombie is to be dead.  And being dead is no way to live.


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